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It was while planning y school year in Canada that I realized that information about destinations weren't easy to access, or that there were not really complete, nor customized.  

The point is that we are thousands and thousands of students to go around the world: traveling, for internships or studies. I decided to create Hey Travel Mate to help student to realize their abroad project.  

I want to reconnect student between each other. Rather than spending hours behind their screen to plan their project, I want to create a complete and easy-to-read content, and from students' testimonies they can directly contact to ask them all of their questions.  

I want to break down the socio-economics barriers  and show students that it is possible to travel in another way. Proove them that the only limits to their ambitions are the ones  they impose to themselves because there is always a mean to realize one's dream, with little help!

Real people for true   experiences  .

Your  limits are those  that you impose on yourself.  

The digital way.

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