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Image de Edgar Hernández

With a friend, we went to visit a neighboring city of Malaga where we had joined friends that we had known just before the confinement.

We had planned to return with the last bus at 11 p.m. but it never passed .


We had no other way to get home or a place to sleep and the next bus was at 6 am the next morning. Our friends had a birthday party planned and finally offered to stay with them. We met some good people there and we drove to see the panoramic view of Malaga at night. Gorgeous!


We went back every week to see them, not knowing what we were going to do or what time we were going to be home, but each of them was one of our best moments.


Moral of the story: it's the unforeseen events that make trips unforgettable.


Ophélie, Malaga ambassador

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