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 The Starter Pack      


Do you want to travel but don't know where to start? Which destination to choose? What can you do about it?  The Starter Pack "Mate" is made for you, find everything you need to plan your departure.

You have to find your next destination in

3 min flat? The city sheets are made for you.  The basics in 4 questions on more than 100 destinations  🗺 

The Travel Mate group allows you to go further and ask all your questions to the community. The Montreal VS Singapore dilemma?

Resolved  in 27 seconds   

Every day you will find the life of our community there:  photos, testimonials, tips. Don't miss  never again the good ones  Travel Mate plans  👯‍♂️ 

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  -10% with the code  


Learn a language abroad
Hey Me

Finally a 100% transparent insurance that you pay ONLY for the days you go abroad and that protects you EVERYWHERE in the world. Tested and approved ✅

IELTS, TOEFL, these letters scare you? 😨  

Global Exam will make it a breeze! 

you have  learned  theory, now is the time  to deepen  ! And what could be better than doing it in the field?  🇬🇧


Earn 50 € per month by paying at your favorite stores thanks to the cashback available directly from your card! 

Because our ambassadors are incredible, they have decided to share their good addresses in more than 37 cities

☕️🥘 🍩 🍗🍟 🍣 🥣 🍲🍕  


  4 € offered with the code  


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Coded   CB_TravelMate  

Before leaving for the other side of the world, you may have to empty your apartment and store your things somewhere!

Uncle Gilbert is here for that  👨🏻

Sometimes we decide to go with our friends, and that's the tragedy! Who paid for what? How much I owe you ? I have no cash. It's over, do your accounts and reimburse your friends directly to Pumpkin  💰 

Still haven't found your destination, don't hesitate to get lost  among the testimonials of our ambassadors  🧭 

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