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Montreal, Canada

🔥 Cold but warm 💸 750 € / month  💛💛💛💛💔

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The pros and cons of living in Montreal

Montreal is a student city on a human scale where life is good where you will always find something to do once you get to know the city. Montrealers are open-minded. Breathtaking landscapes less than 30 minutes from the city center. You have to make efforts to integrate into student groups because they will not necessarily come to you. And it is by knowing people there that we know the good places but also the good days to go out. Indeed, the city can be ghost at certain times of the year or even certain days of the week if one does not know certain TIPS. The Canadian dollar is very interesting against the euro! City super well placed for cheap travel, close to everything.

Financial level what does it give? 

Rent:  350 euros 

Travel:  150-500 euros  (Toronto / Cuba)

Races:  150 euros 

Telephony / Internet:  120 euros

Exits:  150 euros

Any good addresses to give us? 

Aux Vivres, Montreal Botanical Garden, Vices & Versa Bistro Du Terroir, Schwartz, Biodôme de Montréal, Le Salon Daomé, Bagel St-Viateur, Sainte-Élisabeth Pub, Café Larue & Fils, Le Gainzbar, L'Escalier Endroit, Mange- Me, Bota Bota Spa on a boat, La Banquise, Gingko brunch & bar, App 200, Darling, Universal, Chez Fred, Olympico, Redpath Museum, La Maisonnée, Caravane Café, L'Eincelle, Les enfants terribles, Le 4eme Mur, Cinko , Le Warehouse, Olive et Gourmando, Picnik electronic, Igloo Fest, Juliette & Chocolat, Mr. Puffs, Amir, Mula, Eva B etc.

Tips and good plans

If you stay in Montreal for less than a year and you don't plan to work, keep your French telephone subscription it will cost you less.

- If you arrive in September, take your summer things, the Indian summer is something.

- Ostie listens to YouTube videos to learn a little Quebecois, tabarnak faque that will help you.

- To calculate the TIPS that you must give to the restaurant / bar, add the taxes on your bill

- Plan some money to go back there because you'll love it, Montreal is fun.

Our crazy partners for Montreal

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Montreal is rather ...

“Friendly, festive, dynamic, we like the open-mindedness of its homes, the fact that it is a student city and also its beautiful surrounding landscapes” 

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Montreal or Paris?

“Ah these damned French people, they are everywhere! They invaded the plateau, Rosemont and even Côte des Neige. So as a change of scenery there is better we grant you. We must take the reflex to go to foreigners. ”

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