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Your free guide to prepare for your departure

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Have you been dragging your feet on your way to school lately? Do you dream of hearing sentences in an unknown language? Do your homework in the middle of the rainforest? That every end of the day turns into an adventure, discovering a whole new city to explore?


There's a reason students going abroad keep talking about it.

This is the opportunity  to reach not only  your  academic goals, but also to discover a new culture, a new language and a new environment.  


Easy to say you will tell me! But how do I choose my destination? Which university is the most famous? Is my French CV sufficient? How to find accommodation?   How can I be sure that I will have the necessary budget? What about the visa? The insurance ? Registration files? Can I work on site? Do i need a car?  


Calm down, breathe. These questions, thousands of students have asked themselves  before you and they can answer your questions about Travel Mate!


With hundreds of cities listed and just as many Travel Mate ambassadors around the world, your overseas experience is right at your fingertips!

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